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Free shipping to the world

1. MENSSKULL offer different delivery methods that differ in country and speed.

2. Shipping time:International express company DHL/TNT/UPS/Fedex: from 2 to 6 days.

3. Handmade custom products need 2-5 days.

4. You can track the movement of sending the link provided.

When we receive your order payment, we will start to arrange the production

According to the different products, the production time is different, the specific production time will be within 2-5 days.(Privately customized jewelry may take more time)

After the completion of the production, we will give it to the express company (DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX).

Because we can't control the express company,So the specific time needs to be determined according to the different festivals and countries.

Normal shipping company will deliver within 3-6 days (If there is no special case)

Our silver material uses purity as:

99.999% of pure silver + 7.499% of the brass material ratio.

So it is perfectly consistent with the hardness and luster of the international 92.5% standard silver.

This kind of jewelry has a very beautiful gloss, a very hard hardness and is not easy to deform.

Suitable for long-term wear.

You can go to any testing institution for testing.

If the silver content does not reach 92.5%, we will compensate ten times.

Below are the detailed instructions on how to process a return or exchange.

The policy begins from the date of purchase.

Please see whether either of these pertain to you, and if the item(s) are covered by our 60 Return Policy.

The following reasons are covered by our 60 day Full coverage Return/Exchange Policy. 

1.We sent the wrong order or item(s), you received any broken items, or the quality of the products you received is poor.(Handmade jewelry, slightly flawed, belongs to normal)

2.You received the incorrect photo charm. If the picture’s appearance is different from the photo provided to MENSSKULL.

3. Size does not match the size you choose when you buy.

4.Above questions MENSSKULL is responsible for return postage fees, and replacement fees

* Because customized products are made according to your size

So if there is no above questions, Will not support returns refund and replacement.